Customize Your Skin Care Program

Why customize your skin care program?

Well, you wouldn’t buy a pair of jeans without first trying them on would you?

The concept of “one size fits all” is far more ridiculous when it comes to skin care. Cosmetics manufacturers introduced the idea that everyone has a “skin type” to help them sell products. Unfortunately the marketing messages were so persuasive that the premise joined the ranks of conventional wisdom. When was the last time you bought a product suited to your type?

The truth? Your skin is in a constant state of flux: its “type” varies daily reacting to hormones, stress and even the weather. Your skin care program should change as your skin does. That doesn’t mean you need new products; it just means you need to understand how your skin care products work and use them appropriately, depending on the condition of your skin. (Becker 2006).


At the same time, your skin possesses baseline characteristics that can be important clinically. Telling us about your skin’s basic properties will help us to help you. Complete your Skin Profile questionnaire below and we’ll get started. The questionnaire goes directly to my research assistant’s inbox. After evaluation, she’ll send you information and suggest Groups you should join to find the daily support you’ll need. Fear not, younger looking skin is just around the corner!