Understand what you’re putting on your skin.

Explanations and how-to’s are what this web community is all about.

For two decades internationally accredited plastic surgeon, inventor and speaker, Dr. Hilton Becker, watched in dismay as his patients insisted on applying skin care products containing chemicals toxic to skin cells. His warnings fell on deaf ears as manufacturers with huge advertising budgets pummeled his patients with glamorous promises wrapped in fancy packages and exotic names. While patients were attentive in the examining room, his skin care recommendations were soon forgotten under the influence of department store promotions, ad men, and infomercials disguised as public service announcements.

Dr. Becker and Staff in his Boca Raton office

Dr. Becker commissioned this web community to provide a go-to source for objective information on skin care ingredients backed by science rather than business interests.  Under the supervision of his research director, Felecia Rose, relevant research is condensed and published to help counterbalance marketing claims with current scientific fact.

While organizations such as the Environmental Working Group and its Cosmetics Database are doing a wonderful job on making information available, it’s not enough. Too much important news is slipping through the cracks.

The mission of this web community is to remain the premier watch dog and go-to source for objective information on actives to treat skin aging and it’s an around-the-clock effort.